LGP Light Guide Panel Slide Bandis Vision Light Guide Panel

A Light Guide Panel or commonly referred to as an LGP is a PMMA acrylic sheet edge lit panel preferably used to light up applications where an entire frame extrusion is not necessary. Ranging from extremely small in size to well over 8 feet, the Bandis Vision LGP is ‘v cut’ with etch lines into the acrylic giving the entire surface the ability to carry bright, even illumination throughout, avoiding the potential for any hot/cold spots.


  • Trade show and retail signage
  • Sell as packages for photography related retailers and studios
  • Personal photo display at home or office
  • Both indoor and outdoor permanent illuminated signs that don’t need to change images such as directional signs and reception area signs
  • Architectural or back lighting for wall backsplash high end translucent counter top materials, unique shaped ceiling light, etc
  • Decorative light for the entertainment industry, event, show or exhibition




Features and Benefits

  • Encased in a sturdy but light weight aluminum housing
  • Extremely compact in size
  • Light strip can be recessed or surface mounted into fixtures
  • Available in pure white, warm white, RGB and red, green or blue individually
  • Delivers high and evenly distributed light output
  • Up to 80% more energy efficient than conventional lighting
  • Programmable by DMX colour changing remote control units
  • Customizable sizes up to 60” x 96”
  • Long lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • 2 year warranty

Light Guide Panel Options


10mm U Channel

The advantage of the 10mm U Channel is positioning the LED nodes closer to the four edges of the light panel for a tight fitting application.

13mm U Channel

The advantage of the 13mm U Channel is in making the edge of the frame very strong on all four sides and providing maximum heat sink.

J Channel


The advantage of the 7mm J Channel helps eliminate any dark lines or hotspots where two LGP’s are joined at any angle and yet has a very strong back support by a 20mm tall aluminum extrusion.

M Channel


The advantage of the M Channel is in its robust frame which allows for optional back support making it highly versatile for different applications.

Mounting Options & Extras



Prefabricated Holes

Pre-frabricated holes at any specified location within the LGP for mounting with any size screws.


LGP Bracket

Wall mount with our LGP aluminum brackets by fastening with screws to the top and bottom.


Light Diffusion Film

Add a diffusion film on the surface to diffuse the grid pattern and protect from scratches.


Dimming & DMX Control

Add a dimmer to adjust brightness levels or a DMX controller to program for various colour effects.

Wiring Options


Type I


One Channel LED
Height from 1 to 18″
Width less than 48″

Type I – C


One Channel LED
Height from 1 to 18″
Width greater than 48″

Type II


Two Channel LED
Height from 18 to 48″
Width less than 48″

Type II – C

Two Channel LED
Height from 18 to 48″
Width greater than 48″


Connector Options



Female DC Jack

2.1mm pin encased in 5.5mm coupler


Wire Connector



AWG 18-22

Standard Size LGP

Bandis Vision standard size LGP’s give you the following advantages:

  • Quick turn around
  • Always available
  • More economical than custom sizes
  • 2 year warranty