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What is an LED Strip Light?

LED strip light is a flexible circuit board that is populated with LEDs that you can mount
almost anywhere you want to add powerful lighting in a variety of colors and brightness.

LED Strip Lights are flexible circuit boards consisting of many individual LED chips. The backside includes double-sided adhesive for mounting. These strips can literally be used in hundreds of different places and are easily hidden to create appealing and attractive lighting in the tightest of spaces. Each strip light can be cut to length and re-connected to create customized linear accent, task, and exterior lighting. Our strip lights are offered in a wide range of brightness (lumens), colors as well as color changing options.

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Choose customized LED strip light for your project.
If you want to learn more about our strip light, here you can find more detailed information.

BV 1175-X

BV 1277-X

BV 1123-X

BV 1279

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BV 1286-RGB

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BV 1288-dRGB

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BV 1288-dW