LED Light Guide Panels

Framless 6mm
LED Guide Panels

" LED luminaire with light color temperature 2700K – 6,500K

These products provide an excellent option for lighting designers and architects seeking aesthetics as well as design flexibility. This frame-less LED light panel opens more design options with embedded LEDs in the panel. It not only provides bright, even, long lasting light as you expected from our panels, it enables us to create panels in any shape and color, even bending the panels.


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2’’ L x 2’’ W ~ 60’’ L x 120’’ W
50 mm x 50 mm ~ 1,500 mm x 3,000 mm


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3.5 lbs / sq ft
16.9 kg / sq m


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Frameless 6mm LGP
Electrical Physical
Input Voltage 12V / 24V Max Size 60″ X 120″
Power Consumption 3.0W/ft / 4.4W/ft Thickness 6mm
Brightness 2,000Lux to 10,000Lux Weight 2.1 lb/sqft (12.6 kg/sqm)
CRI 75 / 80 / 90+ Operating Temperature -30°C (-22°F) ~ +40°C (+104°F)
LED Channel 1 / 2 / 4 Enviroment Dry location only (Indoor)
Frameless 6mm LGP
Input Voltage 12V / 24V
Power Consumption 3.0W/ft / 4.4W/ft
Brightness 2,000Lux to 10,000Lux
CRI 75 / 80 / 90+
LED Channel 1 / 2 / 4
Max Size 60″ X 120″
Thickness 6mm
Weight 2.1 lb/sqft (12.6 kg/sqm)
Operating Temperature -30°C (-22°F) ~ +40°C (+104°F)
Enviroment Dry location only (Indoor)