We are committed to making every project a success through extensive use of
our products including LGP, light box, LED lights, and custom LED products.


Light Box

LED Lights

Channel Letter

Message Board

Custom LED


Highly versatile & fully customizable frameless light guide panel that can be shaped & sized differently for various interior design & architectural lighting applications.


Lightweight edge-lit light panel or back-lit light curtain fitted with a range of attractive but robust aluminum frames that deliver images and messages much more effectively through illumination.


This ultra compact strip of LED lights features a very high & even light output using an integrated connecting system for illuminating furniture, cabinets & display fixtures, etc.


Bandis Vision’s epoxy resin or acrylic face channel letters combine uniform colour temperature & brightness with aesthetically attractive finish & solid feel. Available in various illumination effects & colours.


LED message board is an easy, low maintenance, and affordable way to convey messages to a wide variety of individuals. With our technology, you can display messages and graphics straight from your computer to the electronic message board.


We offer custom LED solutions for any situation. Equipped with various specialty machinery and skilled engineers, we can build products based on your vision and designs. Discover now about our custom products and projects we have taken part of, get your quote today!